A Teacher led class, available where you are.

You want a class with a real time instructor, to train your new assistant director or director, but they are hard to find and/or take FOREVER to finish (several semesters).  How do you know if the folks teaching it even know what they are talking about?  It is so frustrating!

Texas Director has heard this complaint and is solving it.  We are opening our live, teacher led, classes to folks across Texas in a dynamic and accessible  way.

Anyone with a decent internet connection and a computer with a built in camera, (or in a pinch a person with a computer and a smart phone) can participate in real time in the class, asking questions, clarifying issues and exploring the material.  We will be using an online meeting platform that allows everyone to see each other.

January will be our pilot  program, so we are offering a ridiculous rate…$200.  We help you, and you help us by giving us feedback on how to improve.