Thank You

Veteran’s Day is a weighty day at Kate’s house.  Several years ago a Veterans Day celebration was actually the send off part for her husband, Steve, as he went on a tour of duty in Iraq.

She was preparing to be an effectively single mother of 4 children.  Two were her step children.  They all worked to create a plan to stay connected and to handle the loss, though temporary.  Luckily, Steve came home as he has every time he has been deployed, but we didn’t know that yet.

It was a bitter sweet day.  Several of the veterans honored that day had never had people set aside time to thank them for their service. It has highlighted the need to actually say”Thank You” to veterans.

More than a Sale

For many of us Veterans Day is another excuse for car dealership to have a sale.  Just a day that the banks and post office are closed.

It is more.  It is time to show our appreciation for the men and women who have chosen to defend this country as their career, for a time.  We also should thank the spouses and children of veterans.  They sacrifice as well.

There is a Sale, though

If you are a veteran or immediate family member of one, please email Kate at for a special price on any of our courses, Director, business, or annual training.  This sale applies to the weeks before & after Veterans Day.