Beginnings excite me.  Every day is a new chance to achieve.

Something new is likely to come into my life. New relationships, experiences and successes all provide a new lease on life for me. Newness brings the feeling of excitement to me and gives more meaning to my existence.

I love getting new challenges and responsibilities at the school. They give me a chance to pull on my core strengths. I got the opportunity to prove myself worthy of any situation that flashes in front of me.

Starting a new project at work is like getting that second wind.  Those of you who came through the live class or the hybrid, you KNOW this about me.  Coming up with a new project is one of my absolute favorite things to do.  Brainstorming with you is something I really look forward to during your coaching sessions.

Whenever I make a long-awaited purchase, I get so excited to take it home with me. Such experiences take me back to childhood and getting holiday gifts. But I am even more excited as an adult because I see my hard work paying off.  When I get a new piece of playground equipment or classroom resources, I am definitely a kid in a candy store.

I hope you feel this way too.  If you don’t, let me send you daily inspirational quotes for the next month.  Just enter you details below and I will send you some sunshine!!!